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Energy Audits


Petrin Corporation is pleased to announce that the company has been certified by the National Insulation Association to provide Insulation Energy Appraisals after completing the IEAP accredited program.  The program was developed to assist industrial facilities in reducing energy consumption, lower environmental emissions, and improve process  efficiency.

The IEAP is conducted by a trained appraiser and provides the industrial user with the following information:

1.  The amount of money the facility is saving with the current insulation system
          and the potential savings with an  insulation system upgrade.

    2.  The environmental impact in terms of reduced combustion product gases
         (CO2, Nox and other greenhouse gases) resulting from increased energy
         savings and reduced fuel consumption.

    3.  The amount of energy (Btu) loss or gain from both insulated and uninsulated
          surfaces in the plant.

    4.  The amount of Btu or energy loss or gain from a pipe vessel if the pipe or
          vessel is insulated to proposed thickness based on optimum heat loss or 
          gain determined by the 3E plus computer program used in the appraisal.

With the high costs of fuel and the constant concern with environmental issues, the IEAP is a tool for industrial  owners to maximize their process efficiency, reduce plant emissions and save money on energy consumption.

Petrin Corporation is a full service industrial insulation firm offering clients a single source provider of fabricated material products and labor services.  The company is headquartered in Port Allen, Louisiana, with a regional office in El Dorado, Arkansas.  

To schedule an Insulation Energy Appraisal, contact Petrin Corporation at (225) 343-0471 or (870) 862-8860.



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